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Caracas. New York. Madrid. Miami. Gainesville

one of the best parts of going to sleep is that I can wake up and have breakfast

Since I live by myself right now I end up talking to myself. One day I’m gonna go crazy.

I’ve never cared so little about a class and I hate the feeling 

I do this every break and I don’t know why

I forgot how good Oasis is.

are you an adult when you choose to have an apple for dessert instead of cookies?

zero desire to get up and do my physics hw due in 1hr and 22 minutes

can we talk about how excited I am that Ed Sheeran’s new album is almost here!! 

motivation, where are you?

I’m taking turns putting each hand under my computer because its the only warm part of this apartment.

I want more midi rings and rings in general and I should probably start wearing more jewelry! 

I feel a headache coming on and my period is nearing and if the same thing happens that happened last time I will NOT HAVE IT! 

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